Timeless elegance inspired by nature

Welcome to Rebellious Trees, where the magic of mother nature is honored with each timeless, handmade item.

I'm Joli, the jewelry artisan behind this store. When I'm not chasing my own little gemstones, I'm using my hands and my heart to handcraft each one of my pieces.

I was born with the urge for artistic creation running through my veins. As an artist, I've worked with so many different materials and have been a free-lance textile designer, an educator and have run my own craft gallery where I created a space for local artisans - such as myself - to showcase their craft. After I serendipitously found myself in one of the most geologically rich areas in the country, my journey as a jeweler began. I found myself head over heels in love with the brilliant gemstones I found in a little shop in the middle of nowhere in Austin, NV, and there was no turning back. My artisan jewelry was born and I was hooked! I went back to my shop ready to make the jewelry I had always dreamed of wearing and creating.

My journey as an artist has been a beautiful ride and has lead me ultimately to the tree of life, a symbol that represents to me that we are nature. To me, the tree of life stands for the connection I have to the natural world and it's creatures. The smell of the desert air, the feeling of grass in between your toes, the sound of water trickling down a mountain stream, all represent a feeling of being home. A tree of life transcends all cultures and generations, and is both a symbol of grounded connectedness, unconditional love and unity. The tree that bears the fruit of creation, time, and abundance.

When you wear a tree of life, you are embodying the unity, abundance, and infinite love that nature shows to us both in her beauty and in her gifts.

When you give someone you love the gift of a tree of life, you are giving to them a sacred symbol of joy, abundance and love. It is a meaningful piece that symbolizes divine creation and connectedness.

When it comes to making each piece, pliers, wires and my fingers are my best friends. I love creating the gemstone, color and precious metal combinations that inspire me, but I also love doing custom orders for the combinations that inspire you. I love handcrafting gifts for new mothers, grandmothers, wives, bridesmaids, but also love when someone is able to show themselves self-love by treating their own neck or ears to some beautiful, meaningful jewelry.

The concept for Rebellious Trees was born because I love challenging the status quo with a rebellious attitude, yet ground myself with my love for nature. I've been inspired by my travels in mountainous, geologically rich regions like the Southwestern and Eastern Europe, where I am from originally. My work is profoundly inspired by the ancient forests and caverns that I've hiked through, as well as bright, hot, colorful deserts.

Rebellious Trees stands for getting back in touch with our roots, reconnecting to nature, and the connection we have with what's inside all of us. When you wear one of these trees it symbolizes a reconnection with nature, with each other and the growth of a new world, one where we are connected, vibrant, symbiotic, and attuned to the magic that is life.

Enjoy your time here in my shop and I'm excited to share my creations with you!

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